The Project

My second mchain project, His & Hers, is being published here as it is being written. The poem is was set up (I suppose) as a series of descriptions or pronouncements from one lover to another. It now is much looser in conception, and often has little to do with love directly. The sexual orientation of any “speaker” is not set, and may be ambiguous or variable from section to section (or within). It is also not clear whether there are voices addressing others, or if these are feminine and masculine fantasies being played out for the author’s and the reader’s enjoyment.  The author does not consider himself to be a voice in these poems except in infrequent cases when an autobiographical line is inserted. The only certain distinction within the poem is that in “she” sections a woman is being addressed or spoken about, and in “he” sections it is a male. There is no continuity of speaker from piece to piece.

As the pieces have begun to accumulate, the form has settled at 10 lines per piece.  Breaks within lines are 10 spaces in length (width?).

His & Hers is being written with the help of the Mchain 0.3 program. Most of the source texts are available for your perusal via the links in the sidebar. If you would like to learn more about the program or download it for your own use and pleasure, go to my blog about it and computational poetics, Markovian Parallax Generate.

The Author

Eric M. Scovel (or ERok7) is currently working on his thesis for a master of fine arts (MFA) degree from Purdue University. He was born and raised in Polo, Illinois, somewhere in between the city of Chicago and the Mississippi River. He has [vague] plans to study poetics (emphasizing digital or computational poetics and practice) at another institution in the coming years, excluding the possibility of any apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic scenarios that may come to pass.  He might also doing something less academic.  He doesn’t really know.

He’s kinda dopey mosta the time [see photo].

His personal blog is what light already light.


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